Son Tra Peninsula – Jutting out into the sea, the Son Tra Peninsula is crowned by the Son Tra Mountain that the American soldiers during the Viet Nam War called Monkey Mountain. The 13.5km-long mountain to the northeast of Da Nang acts as a barrier protecting the city from strong winds and storms coming in from the sea.

Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

There are many famous beaches there, some of them have gained quite a fame recently such as North Beach, South Beach (whose names explain their position on the peninsula), and Buddha Beach (whose extraordinary name really interests hundreds of people). These beaches take turns to embrace the giant primitive jungle, which houses as many as thousands of precious plants and animals. Under the surface layer of the cool, refreshing seawater live a variety of fascinating coral reefs, which enable scuba diving services to develop in a steady, fast rate in the last few years.

Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

If you ever have a chance to visit Son Tra Peninsula, do not forget to stay at one of the villages built on the mountains; those comfortablevillages not only overlook the beautiful beaches and jungles, but also provide you a fresh and invigorating atmosphere. Besides, you can always enjoy fishing and get to know the lives of the inhabitants whenever you want. Da Nang means Son Tra peninsula, so come and get the real feeling of a different Vietnam.

Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang

Today, Son Tra Peninsula is still wild with many romantic beaches stretching tens of kilogram-meters. Visitors can go from Tien Sa port back up north will see Tien Sa beach. According to legend, the ancient fairies from the sky walk and cool off here. If you go down south, see dumps Ratings, Bai But, Bai Nam fascinating, magical scene out front. Only the North, the beach is by boat. Beach here is pristine, uncrowded, white sand drying operation under the bright sun of summer. On the beautiful beaches, some construction companies have invested many motels as well as marine services to serve visitors and entertainment.

Son Tra peninsula are being eco-tour operators. Resilience of a wild forest mountains with the stimulus relay of Danang and domestic and foreign investors Son Tra future will turn into an urban class tourism. The ambitious investment project construction Son Tra peninsula ecotourism resort and from three to five star standard.

Linh Ung Pagoda - Da Nang

Linh Ung Pagoda – Da Nang

In early 2009, Thuan Phuoc Bridge length 1.255m linking Hai Chau and Son Tra, opening up an opportunity to develop tourism in the peninsula. Guests have the opportunity to explore the “green lung” in the heart of the city with interest and comfort during sunny summer wind …

Son Tra Peninsula
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