Lanterns Hoi An – Lantern is one of a special feature of Hoi An. On the middle of every Lunar month, people in Hoi An will turn off all the electric lights in this ancient town and replaces by thousands of colorful lanterns. The color lights from lanterns are sparkling from the main streets to the small alleys.


Hoi An At Night Long Exposures

Under the skill of Hoi An Artists, the lanterns have various shapes. In festivals, lanterns are the most beautiful decoration.



Tourist can try to make a lantern themselves at some lantern workshops in Pho Co Hoi An or at a village. At the full moon day, at night, Hoi An looks like a great stage, fanciful and brilliant with colorful lanterns. Hoi An people wearing ancient clothes become actors in reciting poems, playing mah-jong and chess together. These activities relive the beautiful atmosphere of an ancient port with rural pleasures in traditional festivals.



From 6.00 PM till midnight, the whole ancient town are quite, and no vehicles. Both travelers and regional people, Vietnamese and foreigners go for a walk together in the cosy atmosphere with unforgettable memories.

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Lanterns Hoi An
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